A Porcelain Dental Crown Can Be Used to Cosmetically Restore an Unappealing Tooth

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Each tooth in the front of your mouth plays an important role in your basic oral function as well as the appearance of your smile. When one of these teeth is affected by a cavity, discolored tooth enamel, or some type of physical defect it can cause you to feel self-conscious about your appearance.

Rather than attempting to alter your smile’s appearance in your facial expressions or risk self-treatment of a cosmetic imperfection, you should schedule an appointment at Robert H. Watson Jr. DDS, PA’s dental offices. After a basic examination to assess the health and contributing factors associated with the cosmetically unappealing tooth, he will present you with a treatment option.

This might include replacing the tooth’s enamel layer with a dental crown created from porcelain-ceramic. Executing this treatment plan calls for Dr. Robert H. Watson to first remove the existing tooth enamel layer to create an abutment from the healthy internal structures of the tooth. This will eventually act as an anchor point for the eventual dental crown.

A detailed impression the abutment and the corresponding teeth in the area will then be sent to a professional dental lab. This will help guide the dental technicians who will create your dental crown.

You will need to return to Robert H. Watson Jr. DDS, PA’s dental offices for follow up appointment when your porcelain dental crown is ready. It will then be cemented onto the abutment with a strong dental adhesive.

If you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area and your teeth need cosmetic restoration you should call 704-523-7221 to explore the options available at Robert H. Watson Jr. DDS, PA’s dental offices.