Information About Mouth Guards

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Do you, a child, or a loved one participate in high risk activities such as contact sports? If so, it is important to always keep your oral health care in check by wearing safety gear and other equipment that may be necessary to protect your head, neck, and facial area. One of the best methods for protecting yourself is mouth guards.

Mouth guards are oral health devices designed to keep your teeth from suffering damage due to blunt trauma. In many cases, the absence of mouth guards can leave your smile extremely vulnerable to direct blows, which can alter your smile for the rest of your life. Mouth guards are essential to soften damage that may be sustained to your teeth and gums.

There is a wide assortment of mouth guard products available. Speak with your dentist about which one works best for you. Different varieties include custom bite guards, one-size-fits-all guards, and boil and bite guards. Depending on your general preferences and oral health needs, your dentist can assist you and determine which product will work best for you and your smile. However, you must also take care of your mouth guards so they do not become contaminated with bacteria, or break and wear down over time.

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