The Facts About Certain Drinks and Your Teeth

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Do you ever wonder how things you do every day could affect your teeth? Do you ever wonder if there is anything you could do—or should not do—if you’d like to keep your pearly whites lustrous? As you may be aware, brushing and flossing are very important if you’d like to protect your oral health. Furthermore, some drinks could actually have a negative effect on your teeth and gums?

For instance, you may be aware that some drinks—including wine, coffee, tea, and soda— can actually stain your smile. Still, would you be interested in learning that there are several things you may be able to do to prevent this problem? If you’d still like to drink tea, try light tea. Similarly, if you’d like to drink wine, be aware that white wine is less likely to discolor your teeth than red wine. Still, red wine can help you fight off inflammations in our gums that could potentially lead to gum disease. You might also want to mix milk into your coffee, which could prevent staining.

Still, unlike red wine, alcohol can make you more susceptible to issues like gum disease. Sadly, consuming a high amount of alcohol can irritate your gums. To make some matters worse, if you don’t treat your gum disease, it might become very severe. Ultimately, you could have to cope with tooth loss.

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